The Purpose of the Long Beach Impact Podcast

Hello!  My name is Cliff Duvernois.  I’m a recovering engineer who is now a real estate agent.  Some people are bit curious about why I’m creating a digital media company.  In particular, as the host of Long Beach Impact podcast.

The answer is simple.  I love a good story.

I love listening to podcasts.  Whenever I’m driving around, a podcast is playing in my car.  And it amazes me the wealth of knowledge that is available at our very finger tips.  No matter what profession, industry or passion, there’s a podcast out there that talks about it.

For me, Podcasts are a great resource.  And Long Beach needs one.

The true purpose of Long Beach Impact is to showcase people in our local community who strive to make our lives a little bit better every day.  These entrepreneurs, business leaders, thought leaders.  People just like you and me.  These unsung heroes who work hard to have a positive impact on our community.

In my opinion, their stories are worth sharing.

Let’s face it.  Complete strangers seem to control who we choose to do business with.  A review on a website, written by someone who we don’t know or who is most likely under-qualified, seems to influence our decisions.  Doesn’t it make more sense to decide on your own rather than trust strangers?

It’s called developing trust.

We believe there’s a better way, a more sincere way to know someone.  That is by understanding where they come from.  Who they are.  Understanding their beliefs.  And by listening to their stories, trust is built.

There is so much negativity invading our media.  It pervades our every waking moment.  So what happened to sharing the stories about our community?  About our heroes?  By understanding who they are and listening to their advice, it can have a positive impact on you.

Because ultimately we believe in the power of stories.

Stories create affinity.  Do they have a family?  What is their vision?  What challenges did they face?  By understanding who this person is through their story, you can make your own judgment.

Through their stories and their advice, our community becomes a little bit closer.  A little bit brighter.  We can understand each other better.

We are committed to impacting more lives through spreading stories throughout our community.

Our mission is to create a Movement of Positive Impact in our community.

Thank You for Joining the Cause!

Cliff Duvernois, Host
Long Beach Impact Podcast