“At BeerPaper, we’re beer fans just like all the other beer fans.  And we’re providing a voice to our fellow drinkers and breweries.”- Daniel Drennon

It’s a new month.  Is it here yet?  Where is it?

Wait, I think I see something.  No, that’s last month’s issue.

You grab another beer, thinking that if you wait long enough … it will arrive.

People around you laugh.  Life is good.  But you’re wondering, seriously thinking “When is BeerPaper going to arrive?”  It’s become a bit of a ritual.  A monthly routine.  Grab a beer.  Read the newest edition.

Just then, a tall gentlemen walks in.  Ball cap on his head.  A stack of newly minted newspapers in his hand.  He cuts the strap, releasing the newspapers to the world.

You grab your copy of BeerPaper.  You can almost feel the heat from printing press.  It smells so new.  And feels just right.

The newspaper opens.  Which brewery was featured this month?  Which brew master talked about his story?  Did my beer photo from Instagram make the issue?

This is BeerPaper.  The publication loved by this beer loving community from Southern California.

And now the Editor, the Founder of BeerPaper grabs a beer, sits down with us, and shares his story.

Todays Topics Include:

  • The Genesis of BeerPaper
  • Following Your Passion and Building a Community
  • The history behind some of the popular beers, including IPA’s

Show Notes:

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BeerPaper on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/beerpaperla/