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Having that Difficult Conversation with your Elderly Parents – Meet Helen Dolas

"Music in combination with the other arts transforms individuals. It's the bridge that allows our students to have personal expression and connect with other people." - Helen Dolas It's easy for most of us.  Get dressed in the morning.  Grab coffee.  Drive to work. But for some of us, we're trapped in our bodies.  Or trapped in our heads.  And the simplest activity requires help. Autism.  Down Syndrome.  Cerebral Palsy. But Helen Dolas has found a way to reach these people.  To let them express themselves through music.  And art. Art is not limited to only those with high IQ's.  Or to those with all their limbs.  Or full mobility. Art is for everyone.  Art is expression.  Art is community. Maria, one of the people that Able Arts helped, would like to say something to you. Four years ago, this wasn't possible.  Maria has Cerebral Palsy.  She can only move [...]

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Sharing Your Story, Building Relationships

In this episode, I'm flying solo. It's amazing how a simple message can strike a thought.  Consume our every waking thought. That's todays episode. A conversation with my friend turned into a stream of thoughts.  Something that inspired me to share with all of you. In this episode, I discuss Chasing your dream How death brings clarity Building real connections with people Sharing your story ... And Much More

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Meet Victor Vega – E009

"When I tell jokes, the people in the audience forget about their problems.  It takes them out of their stressful life." - Victor Vega You step into the dark club.  A light smokey haze perpetually hangs in the air.  The single light that shines on stage silhouettes the others, crouched around tables.  Sipping on their drinks.  Talking in hush tones. The password got you into the speakeasy.  Now you keep your cool.  Because you want to stay. Because you don't want to miss this guy. You slide into your chair.  Your cocktail resting on the table next to you.  The seats filled up quickly tonight.  You're lucky you got there early. Then, a gentlemen saunters on stage.  He grabs the mic.  "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Speakeasy!  Tonight be prepared to be whisked away by this local favorite who's killing it!  Give it up for the one, the only [...]

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Meet Kirsten Thorne – E006

"The thought that there might be something beyond this material existence scares some people." - Kirsten Thorne 3 a.m.  Some call it the witching hour.  When spirits are at their most active. Most of us are dead asleep.  Not aware of anything. But some of us are just getting started.  Looking to find what causes that "bump in the night".  Asking the question of the darkness "Who's there?" Kirsten Thorne does just that.  Her and her team boldly walk into the realm of the unknown, looking for answers to questions that most are scared to ask. Skeptics, non-believers will always be among us.  Refusing to acknowledge or even deny other realities.  "Show us evidence!  For you can't!" they insist. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Kirsten searches for proof.  Looking for evidence.  Presenting it for the world to see.  To observe.  To judge. All while trying to help [...]

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Meet Charles Whitehead – E002

Stephen Hawking.  Stevie Wonder.  Helen Keller.  Jeff Healey. All people who accomplished great things.  All people who overcame tremendous adversity.  Overcame public cynicism.  Believed in themselves. Charles Whitehead is among them.  He survived 2 near fatal accidents, one of which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  This local hero has not only overcame these adversities.  He's beaten them.  His zest for life, his positive outlook keeps him rollin' forward. He tirelessly works to raise awareness for people with disabilities.  Raising funds, giving people a chance to express themselves through art.  Music, paintings, poetry.  Whatever that might be. A musician himself, it's possible you may have heard one of his songs.  The Long Beach Visitor's Bureau uses it as their official song. Everyone, I'm happy to introduce to you Charles Whitehead. Show Notes: Per Se the Band:  https://www.persetheband.com/ Per Se Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/persetheband/ Charles' Email:  rollinman1@aol.com Downtown Long Beach Video [...]

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