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How to Have That Tough Conversation with Your Elderly Parent about Home Care – Meet Ramona Streit

It's tough.  Your parents that you've grown to love, to admire.  Who were always there for you.  And for you to watch as the simplest tasks start to evade them. Parents are proud.  They are "the parents" after all.  You're only the child. But seeing your parents struggle pulls at all our heart strings.  We want what's best for them. This is where Ramona Streit comes in. Ramona has built her home care business around providing exactly what parents and their adult children believe they must have. Assistance in Home Care is staffed with the best people, from their in home care providers to everyone in the office staff.  Everyone is cross trained so when a client calls they can get the answers they're looking for no matter who answers the phone. Plain, old fashion, real customer service. In this episode we discuss Why she started this business The difference [...]

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How to Prevent Foot, Knee and Back Pain with the Right Shoes – Meet Alex Maltezos

You're dressed to the nines.  The doors swing open in front of you.  People turn their heads, seeing you. Compliments fly.  You're feeling good.  Right at home.  The hours spent preparing yourself are paying off. You make your way to the bar.  You're confident.  Smooth.  Feeling good.  The lady next to you whispers to her friend that her shoes are killing her feet.  That's too bad.  There's still 3 hours of partying left. But not you.  You stopped by Tenni-Mocs.  Alex Maltezos hooked you up with great looking shoes that are comfortable. At her store, she gives a proper fitting.  With the right shoe.  Something lost due to the "cost cutting", "time saving" MBA's that now run nearly all shoe stores. But that's ok with Alex.  She's on a crusade.  Make people look good.  While keeping your feet healthy.  Healthy feet are important. Because they're the only ones you got. In this episode we talk about Real customer service How [...]

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Meet Rachel McClusky – E008

"When you commit to yourself, you're committing to bettering yourself." - Rachel McClusky Life leads us down some interesting paths.  Where we think we're going is very seldom where we end up. And no matter where that path might lead, we're given only one body to get us there.  One body, one mind, one soul. How we use, how we maintain, how we treat our bodies determines whether we journey on this path in style.  Or in pain. But the connection between mind and body is strong.  After all, the body hears everything the mind says. It's at this intersection between body and mind, between soul and spirit that you'll find Rachel McClusky. A fitness buff since forever, Rachel moved into the world of physical fitness only to discover this growing need among her clients for something more.  She listened.  She responded.  Creating a unique "Wellness" experience that focuses not [...]

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Meet Jesse Trejo – E004

"You gotta make things work.  If not, you'll be at the bottom of the barrel." - Jesse Trejo To call Jesse a "barber" almost seems inadequate.  He's a craftsmen.  Dedicated to the art of doing a job and doing it well. Of course his customers love him.  Just reading their comments online will keep you busy for the next few days. But there's more to the man than just his shears.  In addition to making his clients look better, the man is a skilled carpenter.  And when he's not chopping hair or word, you can find him spinning his vinyl to entertain the crowds. He's put on benefits and art shows, giving local artists a chance to share their music, their voice, their vision with the world.  He does all this because he loves it.  He does this all because he cares.  Working tirelessly to take care of his family, his [...]

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