Legal Veterans Institute: Helping Those Who Sacrificed For Us – Meet Antoinette Balta

"You don't have to serve in the military to be a patriot. There's no shortage of ways to give back in this country. We're blessed so why not pay it forward." - Antoinette Balta Veterans sacrifice so much for this country. And when we think about helping them, it’s usually about blankets. Or providing shelter. Or food. We hardly ever think about the legal challenges they face. But Antoinette did. She saw a need. A growing need for legal services that needed a response. Someone needed to step up. And so she did. Now Antoinette and the other attorneys at the Veterans Legal Institute now represent those who sacrifice so much for us. She embodies the type of guest we love to have on this podcast. That is someone who believes in purpose over profit. Listen and Subscribe via iTunes Listen & Subscribe via Stitcher [...]

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BeerPaper – A Passion Project

"At BeerPaper, we're beer fans just like all the other beer fans.  And we're providing a voice to our fellow drinkers and breweries."- Daniel Drennon It's a new month.  Is it here yet?  Where is it? Wait, I think I see something.  No, that's last month's issue. You grab another beer, thinking that if you wait long enough ... it will arrive. People around you laugh.  Life is good.  But you're wondering, seriously thinking "When is BeerPaper going to arrive?"  It's become a bit of a ritual.  A monthly routine.  Grab a beer.  Read the newest edition. Just then, a tall gentlemen walks in.  Ball cap on his head.  A stack of newly minted newspapers in his hand.  He cuts the strap, releasing the newspapers to the world. You grab your copy of BeerPaper.  You can almost feel the heat from printing press.  It smells so new.  And feels just right. [...]

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Having that Difficult Conversation with your Elderly Parents – Meet Helen Dolas

"Music in combination with the other arts transforms individuals. It's the bridge that allows our students to have personal expression and connect with other people." - Helen Dolas It's easy for most of us.  Get dressed in the morning.  Grab coffee.  Drive to work. But for some of us, we're trapped in our bodies.  Or trapped in our heads.  And the simplest activity requires help. Autism.  Down Syndrome.  Cerebral Palsy. But Helen Dolas has found a way to reach these people.  To let them express themselves through music.  And art. Art is not limited to only those with high IQ's.  Or to those with all their limbs.  Or full mobility. Art is for everyone.  Art is expression.  Art is community. Maria, one of the people that Able Arts helped, would like to say something to you. Four years ago, this wasn't possible.  Maria has Cerebral Palsy.  She can only move [...]

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Sharing Your Story, Building Relationships

In this episode, I'm flying solo. It's amazing how a simple message can strike a thought.  Consume our every waking thought. That's todays episode. A conversation with my friend turned into a stream of thoughts.  Something that inspired me to share with all of you. In this episode, I discuss Chasing your dream How death brings clarity Building real connections with people Sharing your story ... And Much More

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How to Have That Tough Conversation with Your Elderly Parent about Home Care – Meet Ramona Streit

It's tough.  Your parents that you've grown to love, to admire.  Who were always there for you.  And for you to watch as the simplest tasks start to evade them. Parents are proud.  They are "the parents" after all.  You're only the child. But seeing your parents struggle pulls at all our heart strings.  We want what's best for them. This is where Ramona Streit comes in. Ramona has built her home care business around providing exactly what parents and their adult children believe they must have. Assistance in Home Care is staffed with the best people, from their in home care providers to everyone in the office staff.  Everyone is cross trained so when a client calls they can get the answers they're looking for no matter who answers the phone. Plain, old fashion, real customer service. In this episode we discuss Why she started this business The difference [...]

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How to Prevent Foot, Knee and Back Pain with the Right Shoes – Meet Alex Maltezos

You're dressed to the nines.  The doors swing open in front of you.  People turn their heads, seeing you. Compliments fly.  You're feeling good.  Right at home.  The hours spent preparing yourself are paying off. You make your way to the bar.  You're confident.  Smooth.  Feeling good.  The lady next to you whispers to her friend that her shoes are killing her feet.  That's too bad.  There's still 3 hours of partying left. But not you.  You stopped by Tenni-Mocs.  Alex Maltezos hooked you up with great looking shoes that are comfortable. At her store, she gives a proper fitting.  With the right shoe.  Something lost due to the "cost cutting", "time saving" MBA's that now run nearly all shoe stores. But that's ok with Alex.  She's on a crusade.  Make people look good.  While keeping your feet healthy.  Healthy feet are important. Because they're the only ones you got. In this episode we talk about Real customer service How [...]

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How To Perservere When Life Gets Tough – Meet Alex Chaunt

It takes guts. Coming to an unknown country.  Not knowing the rules.  Sensing an opportunity.  Facing overwhelming odds to make your dream come true. Especially when you've fallen in love. For Alex Chaunt, it was the love of aviation.  Helicopters to be exact. For him, it became a passion.  A mission.  To share his love with as many people as possible.  To let them experience what he experiences every day. To "slip the surly bonds of earth ... Put out my hand and touch the face of God."* Along his path, Alex has had plenty of time to reflect, to be introspective about his entrepreneurial and life journey. Especially the challenges one faces in life.  And how we choose to handle those challenges speaks volumes about our character. In this episode, we talk about The Fortitude necessary when starting a business Is it really a failure?  Or an undiscovered opportunity? [...]

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How to Plan for a Down Payment – With Jeff Tilson, Financial Planner

There's too many options.  Too many voices.  Too much information. Should I?  Or is it better to wait?  Are there any penalties?  What are the tax implications?  Are there any penalties? Will this help me achieve my objective? What is the market really doing? I have to learn something else?  What is the IRR? In this land of confusion, Jeff Tilson is right at home. Jeff's mission: take your goals, turn them into a map, and help you navigate the terrain. Whether you're goal is short term (down payment on a home) or mid-term (college education for the kids) or even long-term (retirement), Jeff leverages his vast experience to make sure you're making the decisions that are right for you.  Understanding the psychology and knowing the level of risk one is willing to take. In this episode we talk about People's attitudes about bull and bear markets Rational and irrational [...]

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Meet Jonas Corona

To take a stand.  To say this must be stopped.  To say I can do more.  Be more.  To fight for a cause.  To fight for something greater than yourself. To defy convention.  Defy the skeptics.  The non-believers.  And to do this year after year, each year getting stronger.  Getting better.  Influencing and inspiring others. That's courage. That's conviction. That's Jonas Corona. Jonas started his crusade to help the homeless at the age of four.  And he shows no signs of slowing down. And while many dismiss him or even simply humor him because of his youth, he has turned that to his advantage.  Being showcased time and again on national news platforms, online and print, and national TV interviews.  Drawing attention to his non-profit, inspiring kids across the nation, helping This is what people of conviction do.  Turn disadvantage into advantage. In this episode, we talk about How to [...]

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Meet Victor Vega – E009

"When I tell jokes, the people in the audience forget about their problems.  It takes them out of their stressful life." - Victor Vega You step into the dark club.  A light smokey haze perpetually hangs in the air.  The single light that shines on stage silhouettes the others, crouched around tables.  Sipping on their drinks.  Talking in hush tones. The password got you into the speakeasy.  Now you keep your cool.  Because you want to stay. Because you don't want to miss this guy. You slide into your chair.  Your cocktail resting on the table next to you.  The seats filled up quickly tonight.  You're lucky you got there early. Then, a gentlemen saunters on stage.  He grabs the mic.  "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Speakeasy!  Tonight be prepared to be whisked away by this local favorite who's killing it!  Give it up for the one, the only [...]

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