Meet Rachel McClusky – E008

"When you commit to yourself, you're committing to bettering yourself." - Rachel McClusky Life leads us down some interesting paths.  Where we think we're going is very seldom where we end up. And no matter where that path might lead, we're given only one body to get us there.  One body, one mind, one soul. How we use, how we maintain, how we treat our bodies determines whether we journey on this path in style.  Or in pain. But the connection between mind and body is strong.  After all, the body hears everything the mind says. It's at this intersection between body and mind, between soul and spirit that you'll find Rachel McClusky. A fitness buff since forever, Rachel moved into the world of physical fitness only to discover this growing need among her clients for something more.  She listened.  She responded.  Creating a unique "Wellness" experience that focuses not [...]

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Meet Matt Halvorson – E007

Sometimes, you just have to go all in. Part risk taker.  Part adventurer.  Part visionary.  All entrepreneur. Win some.  Lose some.  Win some more.  Being flexible.  Always willing to learn what's needed to get ahead.  To move the needle just a bit every day. All while not forgetting where you're from.  Not forgetting those who need a break. That's Matt Halvorson. Matt moved to Long Beach nearly 5 years ago.  And has thrived ever since.  He and his roommate saw an opportunity and decided to capitalize on it.  Focus on creating the best product on the market. Sure they could have made a quick buck.  Got in.  Got out. But that's not Matt. He and his business partner wants to build something. For them, slow and steady wins the race. In this interview, we discuss: His origins and what he has had to overcome Building a business with no formal [...]

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Meet Kirsten Thorne – E006

"The thought that there might be something beyond this material existence scares some people." - Kirsten Thorne 3 a.m.  Some call it the witching hour.  When spirits are at their most active. Most of us are dead asleep.  Not aware of anything. But some of us are just getting started.  Looking to find what causes that "bump in the night".  Asking the question of the darkness "Who's there?" Kirsten Thorne does just that.  Her and her team boldly walk into the realm of the unknown, looking for answers to questions that most are scared to ask. Skeptics, non-believers will always be among us.  Refusing to acknowledge or even deny other realities.  "Show us evidence!  For you can't!" they insist. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Kirsten searches for proof.  Looking for evidence.  Presenting it for the world to see.  To observe.  To judge. All while trying to help [...]

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Meet Lisa Ramelow from La Strada – E005

"Look for ways to give back to the community because the more you give back to anybody the more comes back to you." - Lisa Ramelow You're walking down 2nd street in Belmont Shores.  Your stomach growling with each restaurant you walk by.  At one point, you stop at one restaurant.  It's pretty busy.  Must be good.  Italian?  Why not? You take a seat.  Within minutes, a glass of ice water appears on your table to stave off that California heat.  Bread and butter.  Enough to temporarily satisify Mr. Grumpy Belly. Suddenly, a blonde woman approaches your table.  A warm smile.  Kind eyes.  Even kinder words of greeting.  Welcoming you to La Strada.  She quickly goes over the specials.  Let's you know that she's available if you should need anything.  Says she'll be back to check on you later. As she walks away, what you don't realize is that you [...]

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Meet Jesse Trejo – E004

"You gotta make things work.  If not, you'll be at the bottom of the barrel." - Jesse Trejo To call Jesse a "barber" almost seems inadequate.  He's a craftsmen.  Dedicated to the art of doing a job and doing it well. Of course his customers love him.  Just reading their comments online will keep you busy for the next few days. But there's more to the man than just his shears.  In addition to making his clients look better, the man is a skilled carpenter.  And when he's not chopping hair or word, you can find him spinning his vinyl to entertain the crowds. He's put on benefits and art shows, giving local artists a chance to share their music, their voice, their vision with the world.  He does all this because he loves it.  He does this all because he cares.  Working tirelessly to take care of his family, his [...]

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Meet Scott Affre – E003

It's a gorgeous Sunday morning.  The coffee pot just finished brewing your favorite coffee.  You pull a mug down, pour a cup and look into your backyard. "Why not?" you ask yourself. You step out of your kitchen, into the freshly cut grass of your lawn.  You take a seat on your patio.  Smell the aroma of your fresh coffee. What's special about that? It's that it's your kitchen.  Your backyard.  Your yard.  Your grass. That's the pride of home ownership.  Something Scott Affre helps people accomplish every day. A loan officer by trade, Scott works tirelessly to help first time home buyers make that dream come true. Scott Affre (@scott.affre) is a Long Beach native, working tirelessly to help people buy their dream homes for over 25 years.  When he's not sitting behind his labtop, you can find him participating in numerous causes that raise money for charities or [...]

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Meet Charles Whitehead – E002

Stephen Hawking.  Stevie Wonder.  Helen Keller.  Jeff Healey. All people who accomplished great things.  All people who overcame tremendous adversity.  Overcame public cynicism.  Believed in themselves. Charles Whitehead is among them.  He survived 2 near fatal accidents, one of which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  This local hero has not only overcame these adversities.  He's beaten them.  His zest for life, his positive outlook keeps him rollin' forward. He tirelessly works to raise awareness for people with disabilities.  Raising funds, giving people a chance to express themselves through art.  Music, paintings, poetry.  Whatever that might be. A musician himself, it's possible you may have heard one of his songs.  The Long Beach Visitor's Bureau uses it as their official song. Everyone, I'm happy to introduce to you Charles Whitehead. Show Notes: Per Se the Band:  https://www.persetheband.com/ Per Se Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/persetheband/ Charles' Email:  rollinman1@aol.com Downtown Long Beach Video [...]

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Lionel K from Sconeage Bakery – E001

...and then one day, I met this woman. It seems the most romantic adventures begin with that sentence.  You meet someone.  Standing on the white sand beaches of Mexico.  Feeling the ocean breeze, the warm ocean water.  And then, the person you want to spend the rest of your life comes into view.  You talk all night long.  You really connect with this person.  And the next morning, they're gone. And when she left, she took Lionel's heart. Lionel moved to Long Beach, married that woman and launched his coffee shop business.  Before long, Sconeage was born.  Maybe you've tried their legendary tri-berry scones.  Or snacked on his drool inducing granola. Running a coffee shop is tough.  But Lionel and his family prevails.  Twenty five years and going strong.  He found a way to differentiate his business.  Something every business needs to do in order to survive. Here's his story. [...]

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Introduction to Long Beach Impact – E000

Welcome to Long Beach Impact! This is the inaugural episode.  From here, you'll learn about the genesis of this podcast; what it's about; what you can expect; why you should care. Questions or comments:  cliff@longbeachimpact.com  

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