Stephen Hawking.  Stevie Wonder.  Helen Keller.  Jeff Healey.

All people who accomplished great things.  All people who overcame tremendous adversity.  Overcame public cynicism.  Believed in themselves.

Charles Whitehead is among them.  He survived 2 near fatal accidents, one of which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  This local hero has not only overcame these adversities.  He’s beaten them.  His zest for life, his positive outlook keeps him rollin’ forward.

He tirelessly works to raise awareness for people with disabilities.  Raising funds, giving people a chance to express themselves through art.  Music, paintings, poetry.  Whatever that might be.

A musician himself, it’s possible you may have heard one of his songs.  The Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau uses it as their official song.

Everyone, I’m happy to introduce to you Charles Whitehead.

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