“Music in combination with the other arts transforms individuals. It’s the bridge that allows our students to have personal expression and connect with other people.” – Helen Dolas

It’s easy for most of us.  Get dressed in the morning.  Grab coffee.  Drive to work.

But for some of us, we’re trapped in our bodies.  Or trapped in our heads.  And the simplest activity requires help.

Autism.  Down Syndrome.  Cerebral Palsy.

But Helen Dolas has found a way to reach these people.  To let them express themselves through music.  And art.

Art is not limited to only those with high IQ’s.  Or to those with all their limbs.  Or full mobility.

Art is for everyone.  Art is expression.  Art is community.

Maria, one of the people that Able Arts helped, would like to say something to you.

Four years ago, this wasn’t possible.  Maria has Cerebral Palsy.  She can only move her head just a few inches.

Now her art is displayed at LACMA, MOLA and other galleries.  She’s had her own exhibitions.  And continues to be commissioned to create art pieces for international clients.

Her incredible story is in this episode.

Please enjoy this interview with Helen Dolas.

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