There’s too many options.  Too many voices.  Too much information.

Should I?  Or is it better to wait?  Are there any penalties?  What are the tax implications?  Are there any penalties?

Will this help me achieve my objective?

What is the market really doing?

I have to learn something else?  What is the IRR?

In this land of confusion, Jeff Tilson is right at home.

Jeff’s mission: take your goals, turn them into a map, and help you navigate the terrain.

Whether you’re goal is short term (down payment on a home) or mid-term (college education for the kids) or even long-term (retirement), Jeff leverages his vast experience to make sure you’re making the decisions that are right for you.  Understanding the psychology and knowing the level of risk one is willing to take.

In this episode we talk about

  • People’s attitudes about bull and bear markets
  • Rational and irrational decisions people make
  • How to Plan for a Downpayment
  • And much more!

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