To take a stand.  To say this must be stopped.  To say I can do more.  Be more.  To fight for a cause.  To fight for something greater than yourself.

To defy convention.  Defy the skeptics.  The non-believers.  And to do this year after year, each year getting stronger.  Getting better.  Influencing and inspiring others.

That’s courage.

That’s conviction.

That’s Jonas Corona.

Jonas started his crusade to help the homeless at the age of four.  And he shows no signs of slowing down.

And while many dismiss him or even simply humor him because of his youth, he has turned that to his advantage.  Being showcased time and again on national news platforms, online and print, and national TV interviews.  Drawing attention to his non-profit, inspiring kids across the nation, helping

This is what people of conviction do.  Turn disadvantage into advantage.

In this episode, we talk about

  • How to get involved
  • Evangelizing and Inspiring Others
  • Challenges youth face with growing a non-profit
  • And Much More!

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