“Look for ways to give back to the community because the more you give back to anybody the more comes back to you.” – Lisa Ramelow

You’re walking down 2nd street in Belmont Shores.  Your stomach growling with each restaurant you walk by.  At one point, you stop at one restaurant.  It’s pretty busy.  Must be good.  Italian?  Why not?

You take a seat.  Within minutes, a glass of ice water appears on your table to stave off that California heat.  Bread and butter.  Enough to temporarily satisify Mr. Grumpy Belly.

Suddenly, a blonde woman approaches your table.  A warm smile.  Kind eyes.  Even kinder words of greeting.  Welcoming you to La Strada. 

She quickly goes over the specials.  Let’s you know that she’s available if you should need anything.  Says she’ll be back to check on you later.

As she walks away, what you don’t realize is that you met the woman who could easily win the award for “World’s Most Interesting Woman”.

Mother, restauranteur, philanthropist, adventurer, business owner, student, rocket scientist…

Lisa Ramelow, the owner of La Strada, and her staff have been doing something right on 2nd Street.  Their love affair with cuisine d’italia still endures after two decades.

Order the Shrimp Scampi with Lobster Cream Sauce everyone declares.  Everything tastes good with a good sauce.

Lisa crafted the life she always wanted.  Not many can say that.  Driven by a strong sense of family, she turned a defunct shell of a restaurant into a thriving Italian eatery known simply as La Strada.  Overcoming challenges is business as usual.

In this episode, we discuss

  • Running a Business
  • Using Facebook for a Small Business
  • Training & Treating Employees
  • And much more

Show Notes:

Lisa Ramelow on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LisaLaStrada

La Strada Website:  http://www.lastradalongbeach.com/

La Strada Location:
4716 E, 2nd St.
Long Beach, CA 90803
Tel: (562) 433-8100
Email: lisa@lastradalongbeach.com