Sometimes, you just have to go all in.

Part risk taker.  Part adventurer.  Part visionary.  All entrepreneur.

Win some.  Lose some.  Win some more.  Being flexible.  Always willing to learn what’s needed to get ahead.  To move the needle just a bit every day.

All while not forgetting where you’re from.  Not forgetting those who need a break.

That’s Matt Halvorson.

Matt moved to Long Beach nearly 5 years ago.  And has thrived ever since.  He and his roommate saw an opportunity and decided to capitalize on it.  Focus on creating the best product on the market.

Sure they could have made a quick buck.  Got in.  Got out.

But that’s not Matt.

He and his business partner wants to build something.

For them, slow and steady wins the race.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • His origins and what he has had to overcome
  • Building a business with no formal training or education
  • Taking ownership of your mistakes
  • And much more.

Show Notes:

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