It’s tough.  Your parents that you’ve grown to love, to admire.  Who were always there for you.  And for you to watch as the simplest tasks start to evade them.

Parents are proud.  They are “the parents” after all.  You’re only the child.

But seeing your parents struggle pulls at all our heart strings.  We want what’s best for them.

This is where Ramona Streit comes in.

Ramona has built her home care business around providing exactly what parents and their adult children believe they must have.

Assistance in Home Care is staffed with the best people, from their in home care providers to everyone in the office staff.  Everyone is cross trained so when a client calls they can get the answers they’re looking for no matter who answers the phone.

Plain, old fashion, real customer service.

In this episode we discuss

  • Why she started this business
  • The difference between Home Health and Home Care
  • Free home care programs for Veterans
  • … and much more!

Show Notes:

Assistance in Home Care Website:

Ramona’s Email:

Assistance in Home Care Phone Number:  844-490-9755