It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning.  The coffee pot just finished brewing your favorite coffee.  You pull a mug down, pour a cup and look into your backyard.

“Why not?” you ask yourself.

You step out of your kitchen, into the freshly cut grass of your lawn.  You take a seat on your patio.  Smell the aroma of your fresh coffee.

What’s special about that?

It’s that it’s your kitchen.  Your backyard.  Your yard.  Your grass.

That’s the pride of home ownership.  Something Scott Affre helps people accomplish every day.

A loan officer by trade, Scott works tirelessly to help first time home buyers make that dream come true.

Scott Affre (@scott.affre) is a Long Beach native, working tirelessly to help people buy their dream homes for over 25 years.  When he’s not sitting behind his labtop, you can find him participating in numerous causes that raise money for charities or help people get down payment assistance.

Scott managed to survive not one but two housing market corrections.  But his commitment to his ethics and his clients carried him through both.  The results are thousands of happy clients.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Challenges facing first time home buyers
  • The power of giving back to the community
  • And much, much more.

Please enjoy this great conversation with Scott Affre!

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